BILAXY Invitation code earn upto 70% referral bonus 邀请码

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Use our BILAXY Invitation code 邀请码 to earn a 70% referral bonus.

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Use our BILAXY Invitation code 邀请码 246282 to earn a 70% referral bonus. The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your Bilaxy account as your referee completes each trade and will be paid to you in whatever token/cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in.

BILAXY Invitation code 246282


The commission you receive from the BILAXY referral code program will be as below:

1) Your BIA QTY≥100000, you will enjoy the below commission: A-Level invitee trading fees*40%+B-Level Invitee trading fee*20%+C-Level Invitee trading fee * 10%

2) Your BIA QTY<100000, you will enjoy the proportional commission comparing to the above commission:

E.g : If you hold BIA 50000, BIA QTY Ratio: 50000/100000=50%, you will enjoy 50% of the above commission, that is :

A-Level invitee trading fees * 20% + B-Level Invitee trading fee * 10% + C-Level Invitee trading fee * 5%.

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