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How to Legally have a Free Spotify subscription ?

In this article, I’ll explain you how to have a free Spotify subscription legally and without cheating. You’ll also receive a free $50 bonus and more!
And no, it’s not like all this YouTube videos or fake website that tell you the same!

The concept is really simple : you must create an account on the website

What is ?

I won’t explain everything about this website, but I can tell you the most important. First launched in Asia (in Hong Kong and Singapour), the company called Monaco quickly grew up to became now on of the best crypto website and platform.
The entire project is based on the MCO token that it officially launched in May 2017.

It has carried out several fundraising and obtained the VISA agreement in order to propose quickly payment cards. It was with the purchase of the domain name that the brand really took off.
Moreover, logically decided to conquered the United States and the Europe after successfully convinced the Asia. is only a mobile software (you can’t access it with a desktop), available both on Android and IOS devices. It allows you to buy/sell cryptos, but also to have your own VISA card (I’ll explain more about it below).

How do I get my free subscription ?

Now that you know better what it is about, I’ll show you how to get your free Spotify account. Here are the 3 steps you must complete to do so :

1. Register on app

First of all, you need to create a account by clicking here. If you want, you can add my referral code to get a $50 bonus : a444xuu29j (it’s just free money!). Once the form completed, you can download the app on your mobile device.

You must then complete the information they’re asking for :

  • your personal information
  • photos of the front and back of your ID
  • a selfie in order to verify that you’re the one on your ID

This takes about 5 minutes. The verification will then be reviewed by the team, it should take no more than few hours.

2. Buy 1000CRO on the app

Wait, you just tell me it was free. Now I should buy 1000 CRO (about $155), so it’s not free ??!

Yes and no. In order to receive your card, you must hold 1000 CRO for 6 months on your account (you can receive your card before the 6 months though).

But after 6 months, you’ll be able to sell your 1000 CRO and keep all of your card advantages! And if you sell at the right time, you can even sell them at a better price than you bought it and win money.
You can get more information on the different cards and rewards here.

Once you receive your card, you should use it on Spotify and get your free subscription (USD 12.99 equiv.). Moreover, you will get 2% cashback on ALL card spending with your card!
The rewards are given in CRO and not directly in your local currency (eg. USD), but you’ll then be able to sell your CRO to convert them and get them back on your bank account, or buy one of the 50 cryptocurrencies available on the app, and benefit one of the lowest commissions of the market!

If you want, you can also ask for a better card by holding 10000 CRO (about $1570) and get a free Netflix account (USD 12.99 equiv.), 3% cashback, Airport Lounge Access etc…

To sum up

If you want a free Spotify subscription and 2% cashback on ALL transactions, you need to stack 1000 CRO for 6 months on your account (referral code a444xuu29j to get $50 bonus!).

And if you want a free Netflix subscription, 3% cashback and Airport Lounge Access, you should hold 10000 CRO for 6 months.

After those 6 months, you can sell them on the app to get them back or buy another cryptocurrencies.

So, ready to try it ?

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